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Family Law Savannah GA

Family law is one of the most complicated areas of disagreement addressed by our legal system. When it comes to issues that are emotionally difficult to navigate, having professional legal help can definitely be a major asset. Our attorneys can give you the professional legal representation that you may need to handle the many issues that make up this law specialty. Whether you are facing custody problems, adoption, creating a prenuptial agreement or any of the other issues of family law, we may be able to help you achieve the solution you are looking for.

But first things first. Choosing a lawyer can be a big step, for both you and your lawyer. Knowing what to ask at an initial consultation would be a big help, so here are a few ideas.

How Can I Know Which Lawyer is Right for me?

Consider the following as you meet for the first time for a consultation: family law savannah ga

  • Are you comfortable sharing personal information? Does the lawyer seem genuinely interested in solving your problem?
  • How long has the lawyer been in practice? Has he or she worked on other cases similar to yours?
  • How are the lawyer’s fees structured – hourly or flat fee? Can the lawyer estimate the cost of your case?
  • Is the lawyer’s office conveniently located, and is he or she readily accessible?


About Smart and Associates

We are a small law firm for family law in Savannah, GA, serving Chatham County, Glynn County, and surrounding counties in the coastal Georgia area. Our smaller size gives us the advantage of preserving a less intense, low pressure approach than you’ll likely find in a bigger regional law firm. You’ll have easy access to law professionals who have the skills, knowledge and expertise to help you achieve the best possible outcome in your case. The big firms can feel impersonal and rushed in their meetings with you because of the nature of their large caseloads and big money cases. At Smart and Associates we value you as an individual and will give you the time and attention that you deserve when you are going through a difficult time. We are happy to be available in your time of need.

Try us on for size with a free, no obligation initial consultation. We will sit down with you, take time to listen to the specifics of your case and outline a professional opinion of what we can do for you. One goal we have for this consultation is simply to discover more about you and your case.

We consider it part of our job as attorneys is to educate our clients. We want our clients to be fully aware of the legal issues surrounding the case and of all the possible outcomes. Our desire in educating our clients is to help them make the best decisions pertaining to their cases. We truly care about our clients, and work hard to gain a positive outcome for each one.

Caring about our clients means that we want more than just to represent you with the legal issue you are dealing with now. We have long-standing relationships with many of the clients we serve. Our services are valued over and over again by these clients, and we would love to discuss what we might able to do for you as well. An attorney should be someone that a client can trust with a variety of legal issues for a long time to come.

The different legal issues you might face in the family area of law can have many ramifications; that’s where the help of a skilled and knowledgeable attorney comes in. Adoptions are an example of cases that may not be as simple as they seem, and you could be better protected with an attorney. Prenuptial agreements can be a good idea for a variety of reasons, and an attorney can help make sure the agreement is in your best interest.

If you are looking for an attorney to represent you in any kind of family disagreement involving family law in Savannah, GA, you’ve found your way to the right place. We have plenty of experience representing the military personnel of Hunter Army Airfield and Fort Stewart, and handling the special circumstances their status presents. Our attorneys are trained in many conventional law specialties, family law makes up a good percentage of the cases we handle. Smart and Associates has the expertise you need to help you succeed.

We are completely aware that the situations that lead to the need to hire an attorney for negative or stressful family situations come with a lot of pressure and are frustrating. We’re here to help relieve some of that pressure by putting you at ease, secure about your decision to trust us to represent you. When you choose our law firm to represent you, you can definitely feel assured that we have your best interests at heart. Contact Smart and Associates today to schedule your free initial consultation and learn more about the best way to proceed with your case.


How Can We Help You?

As a small firm, we offer direct access to a skilled and experienced lawyer. We work to stay available and answer any questions you may have. In your free initial consultation, we will explain your rights and explore your options so that you can make informed decisions and have some control over the process and the outcome. Find out why our longstanding clients stay with us!

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