Medical Malpractice Savannah GA

Medical Malpractice Savannah GA

When you consult with a doctor or surgeon, you don’t expect to leave in a worse condition than before your visit. Unfortunately, thousands of Americans suffer annually at the hands of healthcare practitioners that fail to deliver the appropriate care for many medical malpractice savannah gareasons. If there’s any kind of negligence involved, you owe it to yourself and others to hold to account the agent of your poor care. The consequences of such medical malpractice can be quite serious and discouraging. Talking to our skilled law professionals could make your situation more bearable financially and emotionally.

Malpractice Made Simple: Do You Have a Case?

The general definition of malpractice includes any example of negligent or incompetent behavior by a professional. Your doctor, nursing team, caregiver, or even an entire clinical facility may have committed malpractice by:

  • Causing you to suffer unnecessarily after failing to diagnose your illness correctly or not recognizing symptoms
  • Providing you with the incorrect treatment, medication or dosage based on a misdiagnosis, procedural error or lapse in judgment
  • Performing a wrong-site surgery
  • Failing to remove a medical device, such as a surgical sponge or clamp, from inside your body after completing a surgery
  • Offering an unfounded recommendation that changed your personal healthcare decisions or prevented you from correcting a known problem.

These are just a few kinds of the many malpractice incidents that occur in the U.S. on a daily basis. Hospitals and doctors that make mistakes might not cover the costs of correcting them, and insurers aren’t usually compelled to do so either. Although every case is different, they all have the potential to saddle victims with high medical costs for corrective procedures and further treatment, making existing problems worse and possibly shorten or jeopardize lives.

It’s impossible to anticipate when a healthcare professional might cause you harm, but state and national laws work to protect the rights of victims. Smart and Associates has been involved in numerous malpractice cases and successfully helped patients determine what went wrong, recoup their costs and chart more effective paths to recovery.

Proving Your Argument: Standards of Care and Negligence

Medical malpractice varies widely, but there are clear standards for determining the outcome of disputes. The victim or their family- the parties bringing the complaint (also known as the plaintiffs)- first must prove that there was an established doctor-patient relationship with the defendant.

You also need to show that your caregiver’s actions failed to meet commonly accepted medical standards of care. Even though science and care practices are constantly evolving, healthcare providers must render aid that’s reasonably close to what the professional community holds to be valid best practice.

Our long experience with medical cases and relationships with expert witnesses make it easier to demonstrate that your caregiver acted negligently by not living up to their professional duties.The facts that we reveal play a critical role in courtroom proceedings because they help judges and juries see that what happened to you went beyond a mere mistake or acceptable risk.

Justifying Your Reward: Establishing Causal Links

Once we prove that a medical practitioner wronged you, the next step is to convince the court that you deserve specific forms of restitution, in the form of a penalty for the negligent party. By arguing for court-ordered awards and damage judgments, we improve your ability to move on with your life in the face of challenging health circumstances.

We construct our arguments to clarify the point that the actions of your medical provider directly contributed to your decline in wellbeing, your financial losses, mental anguish or loved one’s wrongful death. Showing connections between medical negligence and adverse outcomes are usually clear, but it’s important that the court fully understands the precise nature of such relationships.

Medical malpractice victims in Savannah GA, coastal Georgia and South Carolina depend on us to help them anticipate the real long-term costs of the harm that they sustain. Our efforts enable them to pursue sufficient judgments that won’t leave them paying out of pocket to return their lives to normal.

Supporting Your Quest for the Level of Care That You’re Entitled To

Being injured by malpractice events can set you back. From physical and mental pain and suffering that make it impossible to work in the career of your choice to permanent disabilities that prevent you from enjoying daily life, negligent healthcare actions can bring drastic changes to your life and health.

We don’t think that anyone who places their faith in medical professionals should have to suffer for their choice to trust in the training of their doctor or institution providing medical treatment. We also don’t believe in subjecting you to undue financial strain during your time of need. Take advantage of a Smart and Associates’ free initial consultation. You’ll walk out with an increased knowledge of your rights and the expectations you have to right to anticipate concerning the services of medical professionals.

We respect the gravity of your case and its impact on your everyday life. That’s why our foremost intent is to bring our experience and training to bear on giving you the information you need to feel secure in the legal decisions you make as you focus on recovery. Working with our team guarantees you access to caring, sensitive professionals whose primary concern is what’s in your best interest. Contact us now for your medical malpractice in Savannah GA, consultation.

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